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Audio tapes & Presentation material from past Spring conferences

(2003 - 2006) can be found at the end of this page

e AHA Education Series


Please RSVP Call Deanna 631.692.8281 or email Deanna

7:30pm - 9:30pm



Fall Conferences - TBA


Time:       7:30 pm

Location: Melville Law Centre, MetLife, rear of building

                 225 Old Country Rd., Melville


AHA's Spring Conference - TAPES/CDs and MP3 for Sale

Issues in Independent Living for Adolescents and Adults on the Autism Spectrum

Date: Saturday, May 6, 2006

Tapes and CD's                                                MP3


AHA's spring conference was cosponsored by Adelphi University School of Education, Asperger Foundation International, The Cody Center, Fay J. Lindner Center for Autism and YAI/NIPD and was a tremendous success! 300 parents, individuals on the spectrum, agency representatives, interested professionals and students came to hear Liane Holliday Willey, Ed.D., talk about being on the spectrum, parenting a child with Asperger's and being parented by a dad with Asperger's. Two outstanding panels of adults and young adults discussed the unique challenges of the spectrum and 12 workshops with varied topics such as Social Life on the Spectrum: Strategies for Keeping Yourself Safe; Keys to Independent Living: Transition Services for Employment, Further Education, and Self-Sufficiency; Maximizing SSI Benefit Eligibility for Adolescents and Adults by Establishing the Best Living Arrangement; Anxiety: Assessment and Treatment; Reflections on Self-Image: Does Appearance Matter; Creative Solutions to Housing and more. These lectures were presented by outstanding professionals and individuals who are the experts themselves Lynda Geller, Stephen Shore , Valerie Gaus, Jane Perr, Faith Kappenberg, Nick Villani, Rachel Pollock, Zosia Zaks, Barbara Samuels . . .


Buy an individual tape ($10) or CD ($12) or set of either. Or the entire set on MP3 ($60) by either downloading the attached forms and mailing them in to Eyedears A/V or going to our website: www.aha-as-pdd.org and finding the forms there. You can then listen to these informative lectures in your car, on your computer, or download them onto your iPod. Even if you were at the conference you may have missed something or may want to hear it again.



Previous Spring Conference Information (2003-2005)

Adolescent & Adult Conference Audio Information

Audio Sheet for April 2005 conference is available with ordering information. Or you can call Jim Yates of EYEDEAR audio for a copy at: 516.739.8864

If you would like the accompanying booklet which contains all the presentation material please contact [email protected].

Brochure for April 2003 conference is available for workshop information.

Brochure for April 2004 conference is available for workshop information.

For audio information on the April 2003 conference, call 516.739.8864, or email [email protected].



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